Comic Life is a progamme that I was introduced to during a school placement. I liked the programme as it brought a creative factor to work and allowed the children to display what they had learnt through a layout that they related to as fun. I used it in my RE lesson to tell the story of The Three Wise Men visiting Jesus in the stable. Although it took a while to get to grips with the programme, once the children had had a play with it, they were happy to explore themselves whilst considering the content of their comic and reflecting upon what they had learnt in previous lessons.

Useful Links:How to use ComicLife in the classroom:

Examples of ComicLife in School

This is what your screen will look like when it first loads.

First, find the images that you would like to use in your comic.

Then choose the layout that you wish your comic to have.

Next, click and drag your desired images into the boxes.

You can then position your image (rotate or move image in box) NB: You can only have one image per box, and, once you have dropped your image and clicked elsewhere, you can't move it again so take care!

Then you can make the title of your comic by clicking on the 'Lettering' button. Drag and drop into the desired position and write your text in the box that comes up. You can change the font etc using the buttons at the bottom of the box.

Then move or rotate your title by pulling the lettering using the blue dots or clicking on the purple swivel icon.

You can change the design of your title by clicking on the 'Style' icon on the programme bar.

You can now add caption boxes if desired by clicking and dragging the 'ABCDE' box above the 'Lettering' icon that you used for the title.

To create speech or thought bubbles, click and drag the bubbles at the bottom of the programme into the desired position on your comic. You can move the arm by clicking on the blue dot at the end of it.

You can change the style of the speech bubbles by clicking on the desired bubble and then on the 'Style' button on bar at the top of the programme.

You can change the background by clicking on 'Details', which is next to the 'Library' tab where you found your pictures.

This is my final comic about Longleat Safari Park.